What are you going to do with your life?

I want the best for my family don’t you? Where do you think you are going to get it? Not from the rat race or typical suburbanite living. You are going to get it from healthy living as we were meant to. I’m talking about one thing my self sustaining farm.

You know that this is the only way to ensure you and your family are eating healthy foods, and living as we were intended to.

It is amazing the amount of things that we as a modern society have unlearned. For instance, our ancestors could make soap without having to by many materials. They made cheese from the family cow, and drank fresh raw milk without having to worry about pasteurizing it because their cows were green pasture fed.

It’s not out of your grasp and it is not a dream.

You too can easily get your own farm.

Join me as I learn how to become self sufficient, how to make my own electricity, how to use geothermal heat and more.

Farmers have lived this way for generations. For them land is the only thing worth living for and it is as precious as your own soul.

The truth is we were not meant to live like this, small rentals with literally no space-these are not healthy lifestyles. Instead these are the lifestyles of caged animals.

I know that the only way to save ourselves is to return to the earth that we came from. Farms will provide us with all that we need. It just takes hard work and resilience.

A real farmer is going to work hard and keep it going throughout their lives. Working a farm is also a great way to get natural exercise, have you ever seen many overweight farmers that actual labor on their farm?

Exactly, we were made to move and move some more. Join me as I learn and you will too. Once you have begun the journey you will never want to look back.